Конференция с международно участие по проект „Кинокултура, изкуства и национални образи в България (кино.бг). формиране на обществената значимост на филмовата култура в периода между двете световни войни“ – ТЕМИ НА ДОКЛАДИ И УЧАСТНИЦИ

Александър Донев

Alexander Donev

Graduated from NATFA (then VITIZ) in 1988. He has worked as an editor in the magazine "Kino", manager of the publishing house "Narodna Kultura", manager of cinema theatres, distributor and producer. He has numerous publications as a film critic from 1984 to the present. Associate professor at the Institute of Art Studies – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and lecturer at NATFA. He is the author of Ask the Audience (2018), The Film Independents. From Edisson to Netflix (2019) and Mapping the Film Untamedness (2021).